10 Jul 2007

If you have not bought a property yet and are wanting to, you probably find yourself in two minds over whether it’s a good time to buy.

For one, property prices are not growing like they have in recent years... but at the same time they're still steadily rising — and not likely to fall any time soon. Coupled with this, some analysts are concerned that interest rates may rise in the near future.

It may sound dismal, but it's not necessarily. Property remains a sound investment even if you may not make the killing you'd have made if you bought in the late 1990s, just before the home prices started their upward trend.

Conditions these days are a little more risky, therefore you will have to be a bit smarter and perhaps sacrifice that ideal home for something a little less glamorous.

Do your homework: for one, shop around for a bond.

Secondly, determine an area that is likely to see good solid growth.

Another option is to buy into the lower-end market, which at the moment is seeing the best returns — allowing you to work your way up the property ladder slowly if need be.

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